List of Features

  • Image upload
    • Upload upto 10MB per image.
    • Unlimited uploads.
    • Drag n' drop + clipboard upload from anywhere
    • Multiple image upload
    • Upload from your computer, phone or image URL
    • Image resize
    • Image auto delete
    • Remove image Exif data
    • Public/private upload
    • NSWF upload flag
    • Preview queue and progress
    • Get embed codes
    • Configurable storage mode
      • Date-folders (2016/07/19).
      • Direct (/images)
    • Configurable file naming
      • Original for keeping the original file name
      • Random for totally random filename
      • Mixed (Original + Random)
      • Image ID for file name equal to the image ID
  • Users
    • Unique user names
    • Private profiles
    • Encoded public IDs
    • Images and galleries (albums)
    • User profile
      • /username or /user/username configurable profile URLs
      • Bio
      • Social Networks login
      • BCrypted passwords
      • Avatar and profile background image
      • User albums and galleries
      • User search content
      • Counters (images and albums)
    • Multiple social networks
      • User can bind Google, Facebook, Twitter and VK to access to their accounts
    • Registration features
      • Register account by email address + password combo
      • Social networks login (configurable on/off require email address)
    • User configurable settings
      • Username
      • User name (real name)
      • Email
      • Newsletter on/off
      • Show NSFW on/off
      • Language
      • Time zone
      • Profile (name, website, bio)
      • Password
      • Connected social networks
  • Images
    • Three (3) image Sizes: Thumb, medium and full (original)
    • Unique short URL (encrypted IDs with padding)
    • Image categories
    • Load button for large images
    • Fast image load + loading indicator
    • NSFW / SFW image flags
    • Full EXIF show/hide info
    • Editable values (Title, Description, Category, Album, NSFW)
    • Configurable on/off download original image
    • Configurable on/off right click on image
    • Views counter
    • One-click copy embed codes
  • Albums / User galleries
    • Public and private albums
    • Editable album descriptions, name and privacy
    • Content manager (move, delete, Etc.)
    • Set privacy (public, private, anyone with the Link)
  • Responsive layout
    • Responsive layout (multi-device)
    • Optimized for any screen resolution
    • Heavy optimized for image content
    • Works in phones, phablets, tablets and computers
  • Multi-language system
    • Bundled with 29 languages
    • Manual and Automatic language detection
    • Configurable enabled languages
    • Supports translations overrides (easy phrase editing)
    • Works with cache (fastest performance)
  • External services integrations
    • Social networks sign up
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Google+
    • VK
  • Content
    • Listings
      • List by most recent, popularity and oldest
      • Built-in Bulk content manager (Multiple editing)
      • Built-in privacy scope
      • Get embed codes for selected elements
      • Configurable endless scrolling or classic pagination
      • Configurable fixed height or fluid (like pinterest)
      • Configurable columns number
      • Configurable on/off blur for NSFW content
    • Search
      • Full text search engine
      • Basic and advanced search
      • Search images, albums and users
      • Advanced search with excluded words
      • Search operators
        • category:name
        • storage:id
    • Share
      • Social Networks
      • Embed codes (HTML and BBCode)
  • Social features
    • Image likes
      • One click like/dislike image, available in lisings and in image viewer
      • Liked images gets stored in user's "liked" listing
      • General filter for the most liked images
      • Configurable on/off feature
    • Follow system
      • One click follow/unfollow button
      • Generates a curated list with content uploaded by the people you follow
      • User's following and followers lists
      • Configurable on/off feature
    • Notification system
      • Instant alerts for social triggered actions
      • Dismiss them by just reading them (no extra action required)
Edit or resize any image by clicking the image preview
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You can add more images from your device, take a picture or add image URLs.
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